Mesmerizing Event Environments

Event environments designed specifically for you.
Spectacular interactive navigated tour experiences.
Stunningly original means to convey information.
Compelling incentives to explore the exhibition complex.
Engaging use of advanced technology.

Rich Content

Video presentations for promotions and products.
"Auditorium” lectures.
Green screen demo presentations in multiple languages.
Product creation using interactive 3D software.
Downloadable brochures and marketing materials.
Real-time chats with your professionals.
Navigated meeting rooms.
Integrated computer games reinforcing event theme.
Future-embracing messaging and branding.

Wide Variety of Events

Marketing events for customers.
Virtual exhibitions.
Training and coaching events.
Distributor conferences.
Launch events.
One-on-one guided tours with sales people.
Visitor center and showrooms.

Immediate Benefits

Increases customer engagement.
Grows and improves your lead database.
Personalizes connection with customers.
Conveys information easily, interestingly.
Transcends geography, time zones, social distancing.
Promotes via exciting, memorable online events.
Provides statistics and actionable analytics.

WHY provr ?

proVR (pronounced ‘proviar´, rhymes with ‘caviar´) is a hybrid product/service/experience created by Shovalpro, enabling your business to engage current and potential clients in a refreshing, informative, effective online format that is both virtual and reality.

Using 3D technologies and effects from the gaming world, your imagination and our creative implementation, Shovalpro will provide the ultimate exhibition venue suited to your company identity and event.
Shovalpro…Beyond Conventions
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