Exhibitions & Interior Design

An exhibition is a focused and highly individual marketing tool enabling a company to create a diverse sensual impact on its target audience – whether it is homogeneous or diverse. The greatest advantage in professionally designing an exhibition is in developing the conceptual approach to reach this audience. The ability to convey marketing and imaging messages through experiential, communicative means elevates the exhibition to professional sales tool of the first class.

Shoval pro has proven highly successful in mastering these skills, by harnessing its marketing expertise and applying it to a comprehensive range of services: Concept development, design and planning of exhibitions, in Israel and abroad, in keeping with the clients´ marketing/image objectives. Involvement in all activities related to the production and construction of the exhibition, including handling international shipping logistics, packaging and storage. Providing a range of auxiliary services for the establishment and operation of the exhibition, including staffing, print production, multimedia, etc.